My blog - in english

I'm going to USA very soon and since they use english I have made this page in english. Then all the people I'll meet in USA can follow me and read about my life here in Denmark and then in the states!

Date: Thursday 08/18/2011


Yesterday I sat and listen to music when I heard my phone! I saw the number was unknown and then I smiled! I was almost sure! I took the phone and Sonja from Explorius said Hello, I have good news! You might know it!! She told me that they found me a host family!! I didn't know how to react.. I just cried because I was so happy!! My body shaked very much and it was så unreal!!
I'm going to ARRINGTON, VIRGINIA! I'm going to stay with the Smith family!
Father: Stuart Smith
Mother: Betsy Smith
Brother: Benjamin "Ben" Smith, 15 - soon 16
Sister: Kaleigh Smith, 14
Grandma: Beth Smith
Pets: Two dogs, Jake and Bob and 3 chickens

They're so sweet and very open to me! They camp a lot which is awesome! Ben and Kaleigh like the sport I want to attend! They skii which is WONDERFUL because I love to skii! :) They're very active which is great because I am too!

My school is Nelson County High School and it sounds great! The school starts 24th August which is very soon!!!

Thanks for following! :)

Over and out
Date: Saturday 07/16/2011

1st of August and a little lovely girl, Cajsa :) 

The calender says July 16 and i'm so happy and excited! I still haven't got my host family but I know I'll get it very soon because of my allergy!! I'm allergic to cats - because of that I have to be placed before 1st of August - ONLY 11 DAYS OF WORKING!! WOOOHOOO!! I believe in it now!! I try my very best to be patient but I have to admit that it's really, really hard! I've benn unplaced for 150 days (5 months)! Damn, it's hard!

Laura - a very good friend has just got her host family - in Michigan! I think I know 10-15 students to Michigan!!
I really wish her the best time in USA :) She deserves it!

This week has been amazing! I've been together with 3 amazing girls - Christine, Nea and Mie who have got their family! Christine = Wisconsin, Nea = Indiana and Mie = Michigan (yeah! one more for Michigan)! We had a sleep-over at my house and it was SO cosy!

I had birthday in March and I got a book where I can write down everything! I got it from my cousin's little girl named Cajsa! She's 5 years old! I got a picture of her as well and around the picture she has drawn two hearts - the one is mine and the other belongs to her :) She has drawn a string which connects the two hearts. Then she told me that the string will keep us together forever! OH MY GOD!! I didn't know what to say and I almost cried! Trust me I cried inside!! She's only 5 years! I can promise you that I'll bring that picture with me when I leave! No doubt!! I'll mis my friends and my Family + MY LITTLE DOG, CHARLEY!! And I'll miss Cajsa SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! I simply love that girl to much!

Well... There's not so much to tell yet! Hopefully there'll be something about a family very soon!! I'll hang in!! :) I CAN'T WAIT MUCH LONGER!!!


Date: Sunday 07/03/2011
200 students from ICES are unplaced!!
Hey again :)

First, thank you so much for reading my blog! It warms and gives me the desire to continue!

The calender says July and there's under 1 month to the first departure which is Friday July 29. The last departure is September 13! I travel with Explorius and they're all so friendly - I have never regretted my choice! All the students are very, very sweet and I'm very thankful! I feel that we're like one big family :)

As the headline says still 200 students from ICES are unplaced! :( buhu! Well, I wasn't happy when I heard that from a friend because I'm one of these 200 unplaced students! I try my very best to be patient and be happy, for heeey, I'm going to USA for 10 months!!

I graduated from my school June 23 which is 10 days ago and I already miss my class, 9.a, soooooo much!! It's so unrealistic!
My life is crazy! I haven't realized that I graduated from my school and I haven't realized that I will soon move to US for 10 months! But as the famous danish author H.C.Andersen said: Life is the most wonderful faitytale!

Over and out

Date: Friday 07/01/2011
Hey everybody!!

The status right now is that I haven't got a family yet - buhu!! For about 5 months ago I got an e-mail from Explorius that ICES has accepted me in USA and they started to find a family for me!! ICES has tried for 5 month!!! 5 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG (!!!!!!) months! 1 week feels like 1 month! So I really, really hope that I'll get my host family very soon. To get a host family is my biggest wish! I'm so grateful that a family wants to open their home and heart for me!! It's really a big gift!
Maybe I'll end up in the state Minnesota because of an AR called Carol Hines - I met her in Copenhagen in May and she's a very, very lovely person! She has committed to find me a family - I'm so grateful!

I graduated from my school June 24 and it was a very big day for me and my class!! It all ended with a lot of tears! But it's not a goodbye but a see ya later!!

Over and Out Mie